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We commit ourselves to SMEs’ and startups’ innovative growth and industrial promotion to create decent jobs and drive economic growth in Seoul.

On behalf of the entire staff of SBA,
I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

Established in 1998 as a field-oriented policy apparatus
of Seoul Metropolitan City for SMEs’ growth, SBA has been
dedicated to helping SMEs and startups grow and sharpen their competitive edges by offering business startup and incubation, investment, local and overseas marketing, human resources development and employment, innovative R&D, and intellectual properties services.

As part of our endeavors to help SMEs in Seoul improve their competitiveness, our young startup accelerator, SeSAC, aims to foster talented software engineers in Seoul. We also strive to boost the city’s beauty industry to position itself as a global trendsetter.

We are also fully focused on promoting animation, game, one-person media, and other content industries, supporting urban manufacturing, and vitalizing industrial hubs in Seoul such as DMC, G-Valley, and Magok.

At SBA, our eyes are fixed on innovative growth of SMEs and startups in Seoul and the city’s economic vitalization for quality job creation. It is our commitment for the citizens and SMEs that we will continue developing partnerships with relevant agencies and private entities and providing top-notch services in every domain at customers’ eye level.

Your continued interest and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

CEO of Seoul Business Agency