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You have a good start-up item, but have you encountered a real problem?

SBA has more than 10 years of know-how in start-up to support start-up space and care services

  • Seoul Startup hub
  • SBA Advanced Center DMC
  • SBA Industry Center DMC
  • Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu
  • Seoul Startup Hub Chang-dong
  • Content company start-up space
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      Step-by-step start-up success

      Seoul Startup hub
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진1

      The Seoul Start-Up Hub supports BM development and open-space start-up preparations for pre-startup companies (Pre-BI). If you are a pre-founder of a restaurant business, you can operate a kitchen incubator to help you with your experience in establishing your business.

      # Shared kitchen, Incubating # curiosity resolution, wow school # investment attraction, demo day
    • coporate support

      Seoul's Content Mecca!

      SBA Advanced Center DMC
      • SBA Advanced Center DMC 사진1

      The cutting-edge center, which supports the digital media and contents sectors, provides resident space for small and medium-sized businesses in Seoul and companies that operate their businesses by moving their headquarters to Seoul. Feel the charm of digital media city.

      #DMC Advanced Industrial Center #Recruitment of companies
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      The meeting place for industry-academic cooperation!

      SBA Industry Center DMC
      • SBA Industry Center DMC 사진1

      We will produce various products suitable for the 4th Industrial Revolution through research and R & D through various industry-academic cooperation and provide the foundation for startup companies to grow.

      #DMC Industry-Academic Cooperation Research Center #Recruitment of Companies
    • coporate support

      The best space for startup!

      Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu
      • Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu 사진1
      • Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu 사진2
      • Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu 사진3
      • Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu 사진4

      The Seoul Startup Hub Seongsu intensively discovers outstanding companies in urban-problem solving and ESG fields, fostering them through various growth support programs. It contributes to vitalizing the impact ecosystem through collaboration with specialized institutions, supporting start-ups by expanding their business network, and connecting subsequent investment attraction.

      #Startup #Accelerator #urban-problem solving #ESG (Environmental / Social / Governance)
    • coporate support

      Global New Media Marketing Center

      Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong
      • Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong 사진1
      • Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong 사진2
      • Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong 사진3
      • Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong 사진4
      • Seoul Startup Hub, Chang-dong 사진5

      The Seoul Start-Up Hub Chang-dong is a global start-up support base center in the northeastern region that actively supports start-ups to develop and expand domestic and foreign markets through new media marketing.

      #Startup #Northeastern #Studio #Global Network #New Media Marketing #3-Track
    • coporate support

      Optimal resident space where creators can concentrate on their creative activities!

      Content company start-up space
      • Seongsu IT Center 사진1

      We provide various know-how needed for business operation such as content development / production, marketing, etc. so that content start-up companies and creators can concentrate on their creative activities.

      #Startup #prospective enterprise discovery #acceleration #public accelerator #investment
      • Game Contents Support Center
        Game Contents Support Center
        • Game Content Center is an incubating center designed for sustainable growth of game startups. We will discover and foster promising game contents through a support system for content diagnosis, competitiveness enhancement, and platform recommendation.