Foreign Direct Investment in Seoul

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Are you seeking overseas investment?

As an Investment Promotion Agency, we support Seoul start-ups attracting foreign investment and building a global network.

  • Invest Seoul Center
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      Investment Promotion Agency of the Seoul Metropolitan Government

      Invest Seoul Center
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      The “Invest Seoul Center” is a one-stop, comprehensive support center led by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in order to promote foreign investment into Seoul and help create a business-friendly environment for international entrepreneurs.

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      • investseoulcenter
        • • Finding investor by attending national and international IR events
        • • Building global investment network and promotion of joint projects
        • • Support promising domestic SMEs and start-ups for attraction of FDI [Seoul’s Deal]
      • investseoulcenter
        • • Business & investment field tour [Invest Seoul Biz Tour]
        • • In-depth FDI consultation
        • • Financial support [Incorporation and licensing agency expenses]
        • • Investors settle-in support [Relocation service]
      • investseoulcenter
        • • Encouraging the foreign invested companies to raise additional investment
        • • Providing on-site business management related consulting
        • • Policy-suggestions to the government by collecting grievances from FDI companies