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Do you have difficulties in developing overseas sales channels?

We support overseas market entry of companies by linking with distribution platforms at home and abroad, product sourcing, exploring and matching with foreign buyers, and promotion through online exhibitions.

  • Online export platform, TRADE ON
  • global stores
  • Beauty trade show
  • B2B matching conference
  • Foreign Trade Business Center
    • coporate support

      Your No. 1 business to business solution provider,

      TRADE ON
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      TRADE ON is Seoul Business Agency(SBA)'s Export Platform, integrating online & offline functions. It was created in effort to relieve the export difficulties of Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) and to provide sustainable support for SMEs' foundations for export. TRADE ON strives to become a reliable B2B platform by servicing continuous business matching for Korea SMEs and overseas buyers.

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      Support the entry into promising global markets!

      Global Stores
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      We made global testbed stores in promising foreign markets to support stable export for Korean SMEs.

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      B2B/B2C Overseas Market Advancement Support for Beauty Brands in Seoul

      Beauty Trade Show
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      Provides overseas market advancement support for small but promising beauty and cosmetic brands in Seoul with 1:1 matching export meetings with international buyers, live commerce with international influencers, and more.

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      Let’s pioneer the market abroad!

      Foreign Trade Business Center
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      We support companies selected by the Seoul Awards to advance into foreign markets by introducing their outstanding products to foreign companies stationed in Korea that are engaging in overseas trade activities. In addition, we provide comprehensive business support facilities to support your regular business activities.

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