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SBA pursues creative management as the driver of new growth engine industries, SMEs and venture companies.

SBA is a municipal organization which stands at the center of five new growth engine industries designated by Seoul for further development, and is charged with cultivating strategic industries fit for Seoul such as digital cultural contents, R&D and Start-Up, thus help vitalize the economy of Seoul.

We provide aggressive support to SMEs and venture companies on PR & marketing, Hi Seoul Brand Project, overseas trade and attraction of foreign investment, helping them enhance competitiveness in the global market place. SBA is committed to the economic development of Seoul through the cultivation of strategic industries fit for Seoul and supporting SMEs. We look forward to your interest and encouragement.

Thank you for your interest in SBA.

SBA operates various businesses in order to create a stable business environment for SMEs.
If you are interested in SBA business, please contact to e-mail(sbacs@sba.seoul.kr).
We will be sure to answer the question.