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  • - Introduction

    Powerful and secure video conference solution, apply the functions such as web sharing, media sharing, screen sharing, video sharing include HD, and document sharing include MS Offi ce to PC, mobile, Macintosh

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B&B System

  • - Homepage : www.bnbsys.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    The top-level dental laser which provides patients with comfortable treatments, replacing conventional dental burs and scalpels

  • - E-mail : webmaster@bnbsys.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.bimatrix.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    BI MATRIX provides the optimized solutions for <Comprehensive Insight>, <Rapid Decision Making> and <Strategic Management> through corporatedata analysis.

  • - E-mail : global@bimatrix.co.kr



  • - Homepage : www.bisonmedical.com
  • - Introduction

    BISON MEDICAL has undergone a phenomenal expansion period over the last 5 years, working with 50 partners all over the world. It is based on the development of its own unique technologies, beautiful design, creative solution, outstanding quality and a never failing will to pursue perfection and make the impossible possible.

  • - E-mail : bison@bisonmedical.com


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  • - Introduction

    Korea’s No. 1 Ladies’ Wear Shopping Mall for a Romantic and Lovely Look.
    Korea's representative feminine clothing shopping mall that pursues a lovely and romantic style loved by females in their 20s and 30s

  • - E-mail : jpoh@bongjashop.com


  • - Homepage : www.cellumed.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Cellumed Inc is a leading biotech company dedicated to developing bone graft substitution based on human tissue graft. Moreover, the company concentrates its R&D efforts on bio-similar business that develops human recombinant protein for treatment, employing genetic recombination technology.

  • - E-mail : info@cellumed.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.comtree.kr
  • - Introduction

    Manufacture Sales of an energy-saving's a environment-friendly green computer and a noxious substance interception. Accordingly, integrated maintenances of computer equipment and network construction etc. Our company is establishing the systematic business field that width is wide.

  • - E-mail : comtree@comtree.co.kr


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  • - Introduction

    The two bags that come with the Mobile Dental Treatment Equipment make mobile dental diagnosis possible with medical devices for dental needs, such as dental chairs and lightings, compressor suction scaler, high speed/low-speed cutter and three-folded injection device.

  • - E-mail : dent2828@hanmail.net

Design Park

  • - Homepage : www.designpark.or.kr
  • - Introduction

    Outdoor exercise equipment with simple and modern design, which was originally indoor fitness equipment, but has been developed for anyone to use outside at any time

  • - E-mail : mjlee@designpark.or.kr

Doctor Supply

  • - Homepage : www.doctorsupply.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    As a specialist medical wquipment manufacturer, Doctor Supply have a deep experience of the accumulated know-how and it's innovative strides for the highest quality and level of technical development make the company & market leader for compression therapy area

  • - E-mail : pky@doctorsupply.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.doenc04.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    DOENC, by localization of pure domestic technology such as fire protection screen shutters, fireproof board, fire-resistant putty, fire-resistant sealant, is committed for achieving a complete fire protection device, by building one-stop system based on production, design and construction.

  • - E-mail : doenc04@hanmail.net

DongKoo Bio

  • - Homepage : www.dongkoo.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    To be a leader of total health care company which considers. The customers delight as the top priority and leads the health & medical industry. The company which is able to devote to healthy and happy life of people by enhancing the best technology based on the spirit of trust, love and respect for life

  • - E-mail : fin4@dongkoo.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.easycerti.com
  • - Introduction

    Solution for personal information access records, regular monitoring for personal information misuse/abuse,filtering and detecting personal information of website, web firewall EASYCERTI, global information security specialist, leading information security field.

  • - E-mail : privacy@easycerti.com


  • - Homepage : www.enage.com
  • - Introduction

    Faster, more convenient and smarter ure web based solution that enables to use anytime, anywhere via web browser Enabling multilingual support with Unicode Perfect groupware collaboration solution focusing to the business environment published with .net technology as the latest technology of MS

  • - E-mail : sales@enage.com


  • - Homepage : www.esctrl.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    The goal of Intelligent Integrated Building Automatic Control System is to save energy and keep a pleasant environment within buildings. It automatically controls facilities, electricity and illumination systems.We were the rst in Korea to develop two-wire system, and applied it on automatic control equipment and central control system.

  • - E-mail : esctrl@esctrl.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.exelway.com
  • - Introduction

    Exelway are unique technology is an endless challenge and have confidence. we will notify the public as a clear sound. Developer and Manufacturer of Slim Speaker through Stand-alone IP Settings Holds 21 invention patents and 15 design patents

  • - E-mail : info@exelway.com


  • - Homepage : www.forcs.com
  • - Introduction FORCS is leading IT innovation of corporation with paperless system including mobile reporting, electronic document, and developing into a global software enterprise beyond the domestic market.
  • - E-mail : marketing@forcs.com


  • - Homepage : www.habalan.com
  • - Introduction

    Habalan has developed its own unique technology from the effort to harmonize Beauty and Health with High Frequency which was used for therapy machine in the medical industry. As a high frequency heat specialist, Habalan has developed the Homecare Portable High Frequency Device and have been used widely.

  • - E-mail : sales@habalan.com

JnK Science

  • - Homepage : www.jnkscience.com
  • - Introduction

    We make effort to create products that can help both people and environment, for instance, by replacing disposable batteries and helping visually-challenged people. As a young Korean company, Lightors is moving forward with genuine passion. The small changes created by Lightors will continue.

  • - E-mail : jkydream@naver.com


  • - Homepage : www.joycos.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Snail line focuses on the rejuvenating function of the snail secretion titrate. Snail line not only functions as a rejuvenation but also moisturizer.

  • - E-mail : hyu@joycos.co.kr

JPI Healthcare

  • - Homepage : www.jpi-korea.com
  • - Introduction

    JPI Healthcare is more than an x-ray component and equipment company; it is your imaging solution provider. Since 1980, it has and continues to contribute to the improvement of the quality of healthcare.

  • - E-mail : postmaster@jpi.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.macroad.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Macroad is superior to the removal of nonpoint pollution such as inert matter, sand, oil. By using a semi-permanent ULTRA HIGH MOLECULAR WEIGHT POLYETHYLENE of lter material, we have advantages of excellent maintenance and non-motorized driver system.

  • - E-mail : macroad@empas.com

MB Jewelry

  • - Homepage : www.koreagem.com
  • - Introduction

    Using natural stones, MB Jewelry produces 14k and 18k gold accessories, 100% handmade using the Korean traditional openwork technique. All products are made in Korea, and accessories can be made in any design, with an oriental motif and a unique design

  • - E-mail : myungbojade@naver.com


  • - Homepage : www.mollis.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Within the framework of women, various values exists like gemstones. Mollis defines the value of today's women as flexibility and softness

  • - E-mail : ibcltd@hanmail.net


  • - Homepage : www.mucha.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    The crystals of the beauty that made by 5 prong jewelry setting technique only when the best jewelry design and technique met. Mucha, as a company that has the jewelry industry ecosystem on its own, lead the domestic jewelry industry

  • - E-mail : mucha@mucha.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.nextronics.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Smart Tour Guide Partner, Ubicheck!!! Smart features make indoor air also smart. AirVita AEBALL enables to remove virus, various bacteria, odor as well as air purifi cation function, and as a world’s fi rst auto-sensing appearances type air purifi er, to be used anywhere.

  • - E-mail : webmaster@nextronics.co.kr

Organic mom

  • - Homepage : www.organicmom.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Organic mom is a eco-friendly child premium brand, operating over 70 shops of department store well-known in Korea such as Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai, AK department store.

  • - E-mail : kkm252400@hanmail.net


  • - Homepage : www.radian.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Radian has opend up the market for medial and healthcare business in 2014 based on its know- how and expertise amassed in the field of precision measurement for many years of work, along with its patented technology of professional researchers.

  • - E-mail : info@radian.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.raphas.com
  • - Introduction

    We are innovative company to perform ongoing research and development, by applying dissolving microneedle technology to cosmetic and medical applications, to be a channel of healing to the world of mankind.

  • - E-mail : info@raphas.com

Rex Diamond

  • - Homepage : www.rex.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    The Rex's growing brand presence complied with quality handcrafted prestige jewelry attracts attention of plenty of celebrities for more than 20 years. Rex Diamond designs embody the royal value with moderate beauty influences(das Asthetische).

  • - E-mail : rexdiamond7@naver.com


  • - Homepage : mall.suomi.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Life begins and ends motherhood, ‘Soondoongi Baby Wipes’ Soondoongi wipes does not contain any harmful substances for babies.

  • - E-mail : help@suomi.co.kr



  • - Homepage : www.valuepoint.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    The Nation’s Largest BTL Marketing Company, Creative Design Group. We are specializing in all design fields including brand design, illustration,typography, ad design, exhibit design, and product design.

  • - E-mail : aspire@valuepoint.co.kr

HYUNDAI Wacortec

  • - Homepage : www.hyundaiwater.com
  • - Introduction

    With priority to our clients’good health in our mind, we, HYUNDAI Wacortec. Co. Ltd as the world leader and specialist in Water Purifiers, Dispensers, Air Purifiers as well other well-being products have enjoyed a great reputation of the various selections, highest quality, and advanced technology as well our commitment since established.

  • - E-mail : admin@hyundaiwater.com


  • - Homepage : www.yushin.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    YUSHIN Corporation is now on trying to make the best and comfort caps. Available in a variety of colors to express individuality tender brim is possible to produce variety of styles added fabric.

  • - E-mail : exim@yushin.co.kr


  • - Homepage : www.zamat.com
  • - Introduction

    the development medicine has enhanced the need for easy-to use and comfortable equipment to consumers. ZAMAT MEDICAL is providing efficient and creative service based on the supply of medical equipment of the highest quality and thorough post-management to meet our customer's needs..

  • - E-mail : zamat@zamat.com


  • - Homepage : www.zin.co.kr
  • - Introduction

    Zin will share its best collaborative solutions at all times. Zin shall offer a management solution where every aspect of the company such as the hardware, software and other services needed to develop an effective progress will be developed.

  • - E-mail : webmaster@zin.co.kr