SBA only does what the market wants

We do not offer what we want to offer We offer what SMEs and markets expect from us
We identify the needs of the market that is the key player in job creation and industrial development, connect between players therein, and find what we have to offer therefrom. At SBA, all projects are running on this open networking platform

SBA finds answers from the field

We are field-oriented. We always meet and communicate with players in the field
Experts and businesses are directly involved with all SBA projects, suggesting ideas and making decisions together. This is how we realize public-private governance

SBA offers one-stop services that satisfy all business needs

SBA features a wide spectrum of services that satisfy any and all needs of individual businesses, ranging from identifying business items, starting new businesses, and hiring talent to marketing, research and development, and investment

SBA's projects are wide-open to everyone

SBA welcomes all large enterprises, established companies, and agencies wishing to do business with or support SMEs
SBA is wide-open to all businesses and agencies looking forward to cooperation with SMEs
SBA is actively pursuing joint projects with external organizations and private companies to overcome financial limitations and further widen its service coverage

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01 Development of Culutral Industry

Seoul Animation Center
The Seoul Animation Center has been the citizens' companion for the past 18 years, offering 11,590,000 citizens the enjoyment of multifaceted cultural content in Seoul. Have first-hand experience in multifaceted cultural content in Seoul at Seoul Animation Center which is nestled near Myeongdong and Mt. Namsan, Cartoon and character theme street, Zaemiro andCartoon museum, Zaemirang The Seoul Animation Center has been offering various support for the Korean content industry, helping it transform from mere subcontractors to creators of world-class original content To take the initiative in the content industry, the Seoul Animation Center is running through a partnership ecosystem that consists of Governance Committees of MPs (Master Planners) in seven areas including webtoons and games, and the Contents Partners which is a forum for 1,000 investors and 10,000 players

Seoul Game Content Center
SBA's affiliated Seoul Game Content Center supports independent game developers and game startups through incubating and networking. The center also operates an e-sport stadium and organizes international e-sport competitions

Seoul Media Content Center
SBA's affiliated Media Content Center offers video, recording and editing technology for animation, movies, TV, music, and augmented/virtual reality. It is also committed to fostering creators with professional skills, thereby promoting one-person media industries

02 Expansion Sales channel

Seoul Marketing Center
The Seoul Marketing Center is the nation's one and only one-stop marketing support center for players in the industry. It is a space for business networking open to both manufacturers and marketers 24/7. The Seoul Marketing Center is steered by the Seoul Marketing Center Operating Committee and the Brand and Award Selection Committee spearheaded by marketing experts in the private sector. It runs on a public-private partnership model where marketers choose what they want and distribute what they chose

03 Start-up Support

SBA Accelerating
The SBA Accelerating Center focuses on early-stage startups that the market finds in urgent need of support

With markets The center identifies outstanding startups in cooperation with players in the market such as angel investors and venture capitalists
Intensive support SBA's one-stop services ensure intensive startup incubation
Building a startup ecosystem The center builds the virtuous cycle model for the first time in the public sector, where it acquires shares, provide funding, and reinvest returns

The SBA Accelerating Center is cooperating with 76% of the early- stage startup investment networks with the aim to identify outstanding companies and intensively nurture them through cooperation with startup players in various areas

Features of the SBA Accelerating Center
The SBA Accelerating Center is cooperating with 76% of the early- stage startup investment networks with the aim to identify outstanding companies and intensively nurture them through cooperation with startup players in various areas

Seoul Startup Hub
The Seoul Startup Hub offers business accelerating in fields overlooked by the market

Support social ventures Commercialize innovative products and services to foster businesses that solve social problems
Support re-startup growth Help restart-ups make a successful return with their experience and know-how
Avoid interruption of support Continue supporting award-winning startups and public business incubation graduates

04 Decent Job

Seoul New Competence Center
Seoul New Competence Center's affiliated New Job Research Institute studies and identifies new jobs that will guarantee the future of the Seoul economy
The Seoul New Competence Center's affiliated New Job Education Center offers education courses developed in-house or in cooperation with 17 universities, designed to take the initiative in creating jobs which can lead positive changes in future society.
The Seoul New Competence Center runs job growth programs, whereby it fosters core talents to have skills and abilities startups and SMEs look for and places the right talent in the right place, thereby proactively resolving job issues

05 Enhanced coporation competitiveness

Seoul R&D Center
· Focuses on technical commercialization for start-ups and SMEs in Seoul
· Resolves various issues in the metropolis of Seoul by using new technologies

Support technical commercialization Have the marketability of technologies verified through crowd funding, thereby strengthening businesses' competitiveness and likelihood of successful commercialization.
Resolve urban problems Resolve urban problems Develop new technologies to resolve problems in Seoul and improve the quality of citizens' lives
Seoul Innovation Challenge Program A pilot model of constant R&D cooperation that offers intensive support to identifying and commercializing innovative technologies to respond to the fourth industrial revolution

Seoul Intellectual Property Center
· Offers Seoul citizens and SMEs organized services to help them create, protect and take advantage of intellectual properties

IPs in daily lives Inventions in daily lives, inventions exhibitions, education to raise awareness of intellectual properties, etc
IP right support for SMEs Help SMEs claim intellectual property rights at home and abroad, prevent disputes, take countermeasures against infringements, etc

Seoul Global Center
The Seoul Global Center offers comprehensive support to foreigners in Seoul for their business activities including investment and startups

Business Consulting Startup process, taxation, legal advice and other professional consulting services for foreigners
Startup education Foreigners' trade academy, foreigners' business start-up school
Incubating Office space and coaching for foreign entrepreneurs
Networking and Matching Exchanges with distributors, Export support, Start-up competition, job fair, etc