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Fostering excellent startups

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Do you want robust preparation of starting up new business and growth?

We make a new start-up grow into a robust small hidden champion.

  • Building basic capability of start-ups
    Building basic capability of
    • basic education of start-ups
    • education of campus start-ups
  • Space for start-ups and incubating service
    Space for start-ups and
    incubating service
    • support space for start-ups
    • support service for enterprises
  • Accelerating of promising start-ups
    Accelerating of promising
    • intensive promotion of excellent start-ups
    • SBA BizLine program
    • investment support

You have excellent entrepreneurial items, but have you encountered real problems?

SBA, with more than 10 years of know-how in start-up, supports the establishment space and childcare service.

  • Seoul Start-Up Hub
  • GangSeo Start-Up Center
  • Advanced / Industrial Center DMC
  • Seongsu IT Center
    • 시민기업

      The Seoul Start-Up Hub supports BM development and open-space start-up preparations for pre-startup companies (Pre-BI). If you are a pre-founder of a food service business, you can operate a kitchen incubating service to help you experience and verify actual business start-ups.

      # Seoul Incubation Hub # Preliminary Incubation Company # BM Development Support # Kitchen Incubating
    • 기업지원

      Mecca No.1 in Seoul!

      GangSeo Start-Up Center

      IT / digital contents / electric / electronic / biotechnology companies. In addition, through SBA's BizLine program, you can obtain various information through product consulting and networking by company.

      # Kangseo Start-up Center # Recruiting Companies # Bizline # Incubator Center
    • 기업지원

      Leading the future of IT!

      Guro Start-up Center (Seoul City Start-up Support Center)

      The Guro Start-up Center, which focuses on software convergence companies, provides space for companies to enter the company within 7 years of its foundation. In addition, through SBA's biz line program, you can get various information through product consulting and networking.

      # Guro start-up center # Recruiting company # Biz line # Incubator center
    • 기업지원

      Small and medium enterprise support organization

      Seongsu IT Center

      As a specialized support center for supporting the start-up of the 4th Industrial Revolution Infrastructure Industry, we provide various commercial support programs that reflect the needs of the resident companies such as technology commercialization / promotion / marketing.

      # 4th industrial revolution # Seongsu-dong # IT company # move in
    • 기업지원

      The best public accelerator in Korea focusing on early-stage startup

      Accelerating Center

      We will find excellent entrepreneurial companies together with private entrepreneurial players, and build up a virtuous circle model for the first time in the public sector by intensively nurturing relevant companies through the SBA one-stop service, acquiring equity stake, and investing in funds.

      # Accelerating Center # Private Entrepreneur # SBA One Stop Service # Public Accelerators

Do you want to grow up as a promising start-up company?

We will cultivate excellent entrepreneurship and lay the foundations for growth as a Strong SMEs.

  • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurship성
  • SBA Accelerating Investor
    • 기업지원

      Find a hidden promising company!

      Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs

      Monthly Provides infrastructure and business development support, enterprise-wide support (R & D / distribution / marketing) through fair screening and corporate analysis for promising companies recommended by private investment institutions, and also supports SBA direct investment for continuously growing companies .

      # Finding hidden promising companies # Fostering excellent entrepreneurship # Start-up growth opportunity # SBA Incubating
    • 기업지원

      A group of experts who know the truth

      Sba Accelerating investor

      Through cooperation with founding players in various fields, we are able to discover and nurture proven excellent companies recommended by the private sector and provide all the elements necessary for successful start-up as one-stop. It also leverages SBA investment networks to connect with subsequent investment attraction and growth.

      # Initial enterprise consulting # Start-up networking # Follow-up investment # Private investor networking platform

SBA opposes unprepared starting of a business. Please try starting a business after strengthening the basics and learning real work through basic business education and mentoring. SBA, which has the knowhow of starting businesses over 10 years, provides a differentiated incubating program. We lead businesses to grow into a unicorn enterprise by revitalizing start-up ecosystem through connections with public and private start-up organizations and building total periodic support system by steps of enterprise growth.