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You have a good start-up item, but have you encountered a real problem?

SBA has more than 10 years of know-how in start-up to support start-up space and care services

  • Seoul Business Support Center
  • New Job Start-up School
  • Initial enterprise consulting support
  • Hardware Product Support
    • coporate support

      Site-oriented active corporate complaint handling!

      Seoul Business Support Center
      • Seoul Business Support Center 사진1
      • Seoul Business Support Center 사진2
      • Seoul Business Support Center 사진3
      • Seoul Business Support Center 사진4

      We will enhance the company's competitiveness through customized consultation support by identifying the difficulties of SMEs in Seoul and improve the satisfaction of the company by actively handling complaints centering on the company site.

      # Corporate support # Solutions to problems # Telephone counseling # On-site counseling # Free counseling
    • Citizen

      Let's do the technical expertise in my own way ~

      New job start-up school
      • New job start-up school 사진1
      • New job start-up school 사진2
      • New job start-up school 사진3

      We will support start-up education for pre-founders through practical training, coaching, networking, and feedback programs. In particular, we will educate you on the foundation and trends of business start-up in the fourth industrial revolution.

      # start-up school # Start-Up networking # Practical training # Start-up expert mentoring
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      Mentor for Success

      Initial enterprise consulting support
      • Initial enterprise consulting support 사진1
      • Initial enterprise consulting support 사진2

      Professional consultation on taxation / accounting, human resources / labor / patents, law, etc. is conducted for entrepreneurs who are experiencing difficulties during the start-up or pre-start-up process.

      # Initial company consulting # Start-up mentoring
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      I play with one skill!

      Hardware Product Support
      • Hardware Product Support 사진1
      • Hardware Product Support 사진2

      In the Seoul Business Hub, we support the idea business of the (preliminary) start-up company and mass production of the city. We support the entire process from product concept design to mass production.

      # Seoul Venture Hub HUB M # Hardware Acceleration

You have a good start-up item, but have you encountered a real problem?

SBA has more than 10 years of know-how in start-up to support start-up space and care services

  • Seoul Start-Up Hub
  • Seoul Distribution Center
  • Advanced Center DMC
  • Industry Center DMC
    • Citizen / coporate

      Step-by-step start-up success

      Seoul Startup hub
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진1
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진2
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진3
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진5
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진6
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진7
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진8
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진9

      The Seoul Start-Up Hub supports BM development and open-space start-up preparations for pre-startup companies (Pre-BI). If you are a pre-founder of a restaurant business, you can operate a kitchen incubator to help you with your experience in establishing your business.

      # Shared kitchen, Incubating # curiosity resolution, wow school # investment attraction, demo day
    • coporate support

      Mecca of Korean distributors gathering competitive distributors!

      SBA Seoul Distribution Center
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진1
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진2
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진3
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진4

      It is a one-stop distribution support center for win-win partnership between manufacturers and distributors. We will pioneer sales outlets through marketing exchanges / marketing seminars to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in manufacturing. We will also strengthen our competitiveness through the Seoul Awards.

      # Seoul Distribution Center # Expansion of Distribution Market # Open Distribution Office # Seoul Award Exhibition
    • coporate support

      2030 What if Seoul is curious?

      Advanced Center DMC
      • Advanced Center DMC 사진1
      • Advanced Center DMC 사진3

      Digital Media and Contents Industry Center supports the small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul and the companies that have moved their headquarters to the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Feel the charm of Digital Media City.

      # High Tech Center DMC # Recruiting Companies # Incubator Center
    • coporate support

      Small Business Support Organization

      Seongsu IT Center
      • Seongsu IT Center 사진1
      • Seongsu IT Center 사진2
      • Seongsu IT Center 사진3
      • Seongsu IT Center 사진4

      As a specialized support center for supporting the start-up of the 4th industrial revolution-based industry, we provide various commercialization support programs that reflect the needs of resident companies such as technology commercialization / promotion / marketing.

      # 4th Industrial Revolution # Seongsu-dong # IT Enterprise # Moving

Do you want to grow up as a promising start-up business?

We will cultivate excellent entrepreneurial enterprises and lay the foundations for growth as a Jiangsu enterprise.

  • Accelerating Center
  • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurship
  • SBA Accelerating Investor
    • coporate support

      The best public accelerator in Korea focusing on early-stage startup

      Accelerating Center
      • Accelerating Center 사진1
      • Accelerating Center 사진2
      • Accelerating Center 사진3
      • Accelerating Center 사진4
      • Accelerating Center 사진5

      We will find excellent entrepreneurial companies together with private entrepreneurial players, and build up a virtuous circle model for the first time in the public sector by intensively nurturing relevant companies through the SBA one-stop service, acquiring stake acquisition and fund-raising.

      # Accelerating Center # Private Entrepreneur # SBA One Stop Service # Public Accelerators
    • coporate support

      Find a hidden promising company!

      Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs
      • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs 사진1
      • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs 사진2
      • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs 사진3
      • Finding and cultivating excellent entrepreneurs 사진4

      Monthly Provides infrastructure and business development support, company-wide support (R & D / distribution / marketing) through fair screening and corporate analysis for promising companies recommended by private investment organizations, and direct investment in SBA for continuously growing companies .

      # Finding hidden promising companies # Fostering excellent entrepreneurship # Start-up growth opportunity # SBA Incubating
    • coporate support

      A group of experts who know the truth

      SBA Accelerating investor
      • SBA Accelerating investor 사진1

      Through cooperation with founding players in various fields, we are able to discover and nurture proven excellent companies recommended by the private sector and provide all the elements necessary for successful start-up as one stop. It also leverages the SBA investment network to connect with subsequent investment attraction and growth.

      # Initial enterprise consulting # Start-up networking # Follow-up investment # Private investor networking platform

We help business activities such as foreigner start-up and investment consulting,

business education, provision of day care center for the establishment of Business Friendlly Seoul

  • Seoul Global Center
  • Foreign trade traders business center
  • Trade Academy
  • Foreign Workers' Fair
  • Foreign Business Consulting
    • coporate support

      Business support center for foreigners

      Seoul Global Business Center
      • seoul Global Center
      • seoul Global Center 사진1
      • seoul Global Center 사진2
      • seoul Global Center 사진3
      • seoul Global Center 사진4

      It is a one stop business comprehensive support center for foreigners wishing to invest and start business based on Seoul. Investment and entrepreneurship consultation, entrepreneurship training, business incubation, business networking and foreigner employment support services.

      # Seoul Global Center # Foreign Direct Investment # Foreign Business Establishment # Incubation Office # Business Fair # Visit to Dongdaemun Global Center
    • coporate support

      Let's pioneer overseas markets!

      Foreign trade traders business center
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진1
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진2
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진3
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진4

      We provide export business programs and office space support for foreigners residing in Korea, and provide foreign investors with the opportunity to enter overseas markets and sales outlets.

      # Developing overseas distribution channels # Foreign traders # Overseas business centers # Advancing into the global market
    • coporate support

      Training foreign traders

      Trade Academy
      • Trade Academy 사진1

      We are operating the "Seoul Foreign Trade Academy" to cultivate foreign residents as professional traders for the economic independence of foreign residents and for the development of overseas editions of domestic export companies.

      # Developing overseas distribution channels # Foreign traders # Overseas business centers # Advancing into the global market
    • coporate support

      Training foreign traders

      Foreign Workers' Fair
      • Foreign Workers' Fair 사진1

      We will provide you with the opportunity to find good jobs for foreign talent and excellent foreign talent for domestic companies by establishing a meeting place for talented foreigners and domestic companies wishing to hire foreigners.

      # Foreign Jobs # Foreign Talent # Jobs
    • coporate support

      Training foreign traders

      Foreign Business Consulting
      • 외국인비즈니스컨설팅 사진1

      We will consult foreign investors who wish to start business based on Seoul based on their business type and status of residence. Business consultation consists of basic consulting (business & start-up) and expert consulting (legal, tax, customs, trade, patent, legal, overseas marketing, etc.).

      # Foreign Businesses # Business Consulting # Expert Consulting