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Strengthening business competitiveness

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Do you want to get key support for business growth?

Please take advantage of diverse services for sustained growth of small businesses.

  • Seoul style R&D
    Seoul style R&D
    • enterprise R&D
    • policy R&D
    • promotion for exchange of technical development
  • IPRs support
    IPRs support
    • creation, protection, utilization of intellectual
    • property rights / fostering IP enterprises /
    • education and counselling of IPRs
  • Fostering small hidden champions
    Fostering small hidden champions
    • certification of Hi Seoul brand
    • support for global growth

Do you lack technology development funds to secure sustainable growth engine?

We provide support business for technology development such as new product development and advanced technology research.

Korean American Scientists Association Exchange Program Specialized industrial upgrading support project Seoul Innovation Challenge Urban problem-solving technology development support Corporate Growth Technology Development Support Project Technology Commercialization Support Project Seoul R & D Support Center
    • 기업지원

      Knowledge trend study of men and women

      Seoul R & D Support Center

      The Seoul R & D Support Center, which is actively responding to knowledge-based economic trends and developing technology based on Seoul's innovation capabilities, is being used as a research and development base in Northeast Asia. This supports Seoul's economy to become a vibrant city.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Knowledge Information Age # Corporate R & D # Policy R & D
    • 기업지원

      From human resources to technical development, special support for start-up!

      Technology commercialization support project

      we will provide evaluation feedback and R & D funding by introducing public evaluation method and crowdfunding to companies located in Seoul to upgrade the product level up to the commercialization stage by enabling short-term technology development.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Technology Commercialization Project # Public Evaluation Type # Crowd Funding Type
    • 기업지원

      Technology comes true, Dreams come true!

      Corporate Growth Technology Development Support Project

      We support companies that need R & D funds among the Seoul-based companies with their own R & D capabilities to support new technology / new product development and technology advancement.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Corporate Growth Technology Development # Self R & D # New Technology Development
    • 기업지원
      Urban problem-solving technology development support project

      In order to improve the quality of life of Seoul citizens and solve various urban problems in Seoul, we have developed products (technologies) that need to be developed, and they are helping researchers who can research and develop them to develop them.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Solving Urban Problems # Improving the Quality of Life in Seoul # Solving Public Problems
    • 기업지원

      A challenge to lead the fourth industrial revolution

      Seoul Innovation Challenge

      Provides R & D funding for the 4th industry sector and provides artificial intelligence leading development platform and technical support. We also provide an on-line platform for idea convergence and team building and support ideas / BM improvements through mentoring.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Seoul Innovation Challenge # Innovation Technology R & D # Artificial Intelligence
    • 기업지원

      Demonstration of product services

      Innovative technology public test bed
      ※ 본 사업은 종료되었습니다.

      We provide market opportunities and market research opportunities by providing opportunities for new products and services to which new technologies are applied to foster companies such as technology-based small and medium-sized venture companies.

      # Seoul R & D Support Center # Innovative Technology # Public Test Bed # Demonstration Support
    • 기업지원

      Global Talent Supported by SBA

      Korean American Scientists Association Exchange Program

      Through cooperation with overseas Korean scientists, we are carrying out a collaborative network to explore application cases such as public sector and smart city that utilize advanced technology and new technology, and to seek international collaborative research possibility.

      # Overseas Korean scientists # Advanced technology utilization # Smart City # International joint research

Is it difficult to manage intellectual property of creative technology / trademark / design?

We provide customized services for securing and protecting intellectual property systematically.

    • The only public information service provider in Seoul

      Seoul Intellectual Property Center

      Providing comprehensive intellectual property support services based on customer needs, such as the creation, protection and utilization of intellectual property rights for Seoul citizens and SMEs in Seoul, and the development of IP-star companies and the establishment of intellectual property infrastructures, I am helping you.

      # Seoul Intellectual Property Center # Creating Intellectual Property # Fostering IP Star # Establishing Intellectual Property Infrastructure
    • 시민기업

      Intellectual property costs, do not worry!

      Support creation cost

      The creation support business supports citizen and small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul, and the representative agency expense required for utility model, design, and trademark applications, including domestic and overseas patents.

      # Seoul Intellectual Property Center # Creation Cost Support # IP Management Improvement # Agent Cost Support
    • 시민기업

      Seoul International Invention Exhibition

      Intellectual Property Rights Support

      In order to encourage the use of intellectual property (IP) in the establishment of SMEs in Seoul, open IP companies with excellent IP are selected and companies with high possibility of commercialization and commercialization are selected. We are providing support.

      # Seoul Intellectual Property Center # Utilizing intellectual property # Seoul International Invention Exhibition # Seoul Excellent Innovation Company

Are you worried about the product brand power is weak?

We will increase our competitiveness Seoul Small & Medium Business co-brand.

  • Hi Seoul brand certification support
  • Global growth support
  • Seoul Business Support Center
    • 기업지원

      KS Mark? We are the Hi-Seoul brand!

      Hi Seoul brand certification

      The Hi-Seoul brand is a small and medium-sized company jointly awarded to Seoul's excellent innovative SMEs by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and SBA, and is helping SMEs share the brand value of Seoul, the world's top city, to sustain growth.

      # Hi Seoul brand # Small business co-brand # Excellent innovation small business in Seoul
    • 기업지원

      Wonderful Korea ~ You are the main character

      Fostering Global Strong SMEs

      It is a project to select a promising company with innovation and growth potential to become a leading company that leads the local creative economy. The project is selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government-Seoul Metropolitan Government-SBA's growth committee, There is.

      # Developing Global Strong SMEs # Advancing into Overseas Markets # Innovating Companies # Growing Prospects
    • 기업지원

      Site-oriented active corporate complaint handling!

      Seoul Business Support Center

      We will enhance the company's competitiveness through customized consultation support by identifying the difficulties of SMEs in Seoul, and improve the satisfaction of the company by actively handling complaints centering on the company site.

      # Corporate support # Trouble-free # Telephone counseling # On-site counseling # Free counseling

We help start-ups and small businesses strengthen competitiveness by providing support projects needed for sustainable growth like technical development, protection of IPRs, expansion of markets and brand certification, and also help them grow into small hidden champions.