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1-person media support

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Do you have difficulty in creating content that gives you a dream and hope?

SBA helps content creators concentrate on creative work to discover next generation content.

  • 1-person media industry support
  • 1-In-Media Partners
    • citizen/coporate

      Gather all the creators!

      1-person media industry support
      • 1-person media industry support 사진1

      Seoul and the SBA are operating the creative one-person community community 'Creative Force' in the era of MCN and one-person media activation, and the individual creators are supported by systematic support such as supporting professional facilities and equipment, operating educational programs and providing contents production opportunities. We will help you grow continuously.

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    • Citizen/Coporate

      Optimal creative living space where companies and creators can devote themselves to creative activities

      1-In-Media Partners
      • Activation of the e-sports industry and expansion of base 사진1

      Single Media Partners is a space for single media creators who are leading the latest trends in the broadcasting and media industries. We provide shared offices, studio facilities, seminar rooms, and community activities so that competitive creators can create and broadcast excellent broadcast content directly.

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