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Specialized industries of Seoul

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Are you looking for differentiated support services by industry?

We support specialized areas such as media, the Internet of Things,
urban manufacturing, foreign start-ups and etc.

  • Seoul cluster
    Seoul cluster
    • revitalization of DMC
    • IoT green industry in G-valley
    • Magok R&D complex
  • Revitalization of urban manufacturing
    Revitalization of urban manufacturing
    • preparation of support policy and strategy for small businesses / strengthening domestic and international cooperation network / opening up and expansion of new market
  • Foreign start-ups
    Foreign start-ups
    • operation of a global center

It fosters world-class M & E industry clusters,

helps networking between companies and provides the best business environment

  • Planning and activating new industrial base
  • DMC (Digital Media City)
  • Creation and operation of Magog R & D enterprise ecosystem
  • Industrial Innovation Research Center
    • 기업지원
      Planning and activating new industrial base

      In line with the demand of the Seoul Metropolitan Government 's expansion of local hubs centered on promising industries, we are proposing the vision and role of SBA and contributing to the successful establishment of the Seoul Metropolitan City' s industrial base by establishing a strategy to support corporate and ecosystem.

      # Seoul Industry Base # Enterprise Support Standard Model # Activation of Industrial Ecosystem # Industrial Base Policy Committee
    • 시민기업


      DMC(Digital Media City)

      DMC is a leading player in the 21st Century knowledge information-based market competition, which is getting more and more intensified by gathering the excellent and abundant IT technology and human resources in Korea and the culture entertainment industry which is the origin of the Korean Wave craze. It contributes greatly to the superiority.

      # Digital Media City # Cultural Leisure # Knowledge Based Business # Entertainment Clusters
    • 기업지원

      Knowledge industry leading the future of Northeast Asia Green City

      Creation and operation of Magog R & D enterprise ecosystem

      The Magok Industrial Complex is a large-scale R & D direct site in Seoul with optimal conditions to lead R & D activities in Korea. It has convenient transportation (Airports 5 and 9) and the first industrial complex in Seoul

      # Magon # Magon Industrial Complex # Seoul R & D
    • 기업지원
      Industrial Innovation Research Center

      We pursue the city branding of the city of industrial innovation, Seoul by studying the industry to discover the future business of Seoul and nurturing the company based on business promotion of the use of the internet (IoT)

      # Industrial Innovation Research Center # Seoul Future Industry # Things Internet Fusion # City of Industrial Innovation
    • 기업지원

      Explosive synergy of IT fusion complex!

      S-Plex Center

      Sangam-dong It is a public and mixed building landmark built with two synergies and Smartium for the intensive upbringing of the IT, media and contents industries in the DMC area and the creation of the base of data-based administration in Seoul.

      #E-Sports #IT Digital Media #Cultural Content

We will strengthen the competitiveness

of the city's urban manufacturing industry and support the fostering of small businesses.

  • Specialized Support Center
  • Finding support policies and strategies for petty officers
    • 기업지원
      Specialized Support Center

      It serves as a control tower for the development and support of small-city residents through the development of comprehensive and efficient policies and strategies, cooperation network, and small-scale employee support projects in consideration of the characteristics of each industry and region for the growth and development of small- I will.

      # Local Specialized Support Centers # Supporting Small Corporations # Urban Manufacturing # Activating Urban Manufacturing # Urban Manufacturing Reach # Sogong Inn # Sogong in Seoul # Urban Small Sector # Seoul Manufacturing
    • 기업지원
      Finding support policies and strategies for petty officers

      In order to establish a seamless virtuous cycle system of the urban manufacturing ecosystem of the metropolitan area, the Specialized Support Center for Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) specializes in surveying and researching SMEs in Seoul.

      # Small Sponsor Support # Porter's Policy # Urban Lifestyle # Policy Development
    • 기업지원
      The pore distribution market reclamation and expansion

      Established a distribution circulation route that is the most suitable communication channel for small and medium-sized businesses in Seoul and strengthened brand promotion and image enhancement of small businesses. I want to.

      # Small public exhibition # Co-sale exhibition # Sales promotion # Brand promotion

We will help you with your business activities

such as foreigner start-up and investment consulting, business education, providing a childcare space.

  • Seoul Global Center
    • 기업지원
      Global center operation

      It is a one stop business comprehensive support center for foreigners wishing to invest and start business based on Seoul. Investment and entrepreneurship counseling, entrepreneurial education, business incubation, business networking and foreigner employment support services.

      # Seoul Global Center # Foreign Direct Investment # Foreign Entrepreneurship # Foreign Entrepreneurship Education # Incubation Office # Business Networking # Foreign Employment Fairs

We support specialized areas such as media & entertainment, the Internet of Things, urban manufacturing, foreign start-ups and etc. We are making Seoul, a better city to live and do business for citizens and foreigners by revitalizing Seoul style cluster, technology commercialization and providing support services for foreign start-ups. We build a convergence hub of IT media contents industry in Seoul by fostering Sangam-dong DMC intensively.