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Want to get good people and good jobs?

SBA will connect the core talent that a company wants and the company that a job seeker wants.

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      Star Wars of Employees

      Seoul company entrance camp
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      • Seoul company entrance camp 사진2
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      Through mentoring with excellent SMEs and young job seekers in Seoul, we provide employment mentoring benefits such as job search skills / job search methods, and actual employment opportunities of SBA's participating companies.

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      Infinite growth of the company through talent

      Small Business Recruitment Support Project
      • 서울산업진흥원이 추천하는 서울시 우수스타트업/강소기업을 소개합니다 - 서울혁신기업 전용채용관
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      • Small Business Recruitment Support Project 사진2
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      We will solve start-up problems in Seoul and small-sized businesses. We will help you attract potential talent to your company by establishing a super company recruitment system and linking with the job portal.

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      Job Seekers - Corporate Meetings

      Job fair
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      Through cooperation with a wide range of organizations, we will introduce SBA's new job finding - talent development - job creation model and provide job seekers and job seekers with new job opportunities and matching opportunities.

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      Practice Practice? The CEO is watching!

      Campus CEO TOK
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      • Campus CEO TOK 사진3

      We will help you understand your job well. Through the meeting with practitioners and CEOs in the field, we will provide you with the know-how that the CEO has experienced and give you a chance to answer questions with the CEO.

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      University Cooperation Support

      Meet young business innovation companies
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      We will provide you with excellent talent for the companies and innovative companies for young people by supporting practical business type talent that matches the demand of the prospective industry field in Seoul and supporting innovation companies and employment connection.
      Sector: MICE, Start-up, Culture and Art, Contents Design, IoT, Urban Manufacturing

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