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Are you and your buyer reluctant to buy because it is a small business product?

We will select the best products, award the Seoul Award Brand, and certify the quality and public confidence.

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      Mecca of Korean distributors gathering competitive distributors!

      SBA Seoul Distribution Center
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진1
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진2
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진3
      • SBA Seoul Distribution Center 사진4

      It is a one-stop distribution support center for win-win partnership between manufacturers and distributors. We will pioneer sales outlets through marketing exchanges / marketing seminars to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in manufacturing. We will also strengthen our competitiveness through the Seoul Awards.

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      Seoul's outstanding products

      Seoul Award
      • Seoul Award
      • Seoul Award 사진1
      • Seoul Award 사진2

      We will enhance product competitiveness through brand certification for domestic SMEs superior products. If you are selected for the Seoul Awards, you will be awarded the Seoul Award Certification Mark, and you will have the opportunity to benefit from various SNS promotional and design development grants.

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I had a good product, but was it hard to sell it?

SBA can help you sell your products through various channels.

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      Excellent products in Seoul, gather here!

      Online edition support
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      We support the Naver Store Farm's interoperable Knowledge Search and support various online platform. We will help you to enter the open market (G market, auction, 11th avenue, Interpark) and to promote the promotion of advertisement in social commerce (Wimep) and overseas station fast channel (G market global shop).

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      Smart store operated by SBA!

      I-MARKET Seoul U (I · MARKET · SEOUL · U) Store Citizen's shop
      • I-MARKET Seoul U (I · MARKET · SEOUL · U) Store Citizen's shop 사진1
      • I-MARKET Seoul U (I · MARKET · SEOUL · U) Store Citizen's shop 사진2

      We provide small businesses with excellent technology and merchandise, but they can open a market for them and connect them with distribution channels. In particular, it operates tourism products and cultural content products, which symbolize the city of Seoul, as main events.

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Do you have difficulties in developing overseas sales channels?

Supporting domestic small business connection, product sourcing support, and overseas market entry through overseas exhibitions.

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      Dream of the resurrection of the Seoul fashion market

      Hi Seoul Showroom
      • Hi Seoul Showroom 사진1
      • Hi Seoul Showroom 사진2
      • Hi Seoul Showroom 사진3

      We support the activation of distribution of fashion products in Seoul through support of new fashion designer brand products both at home and abroad. We support strengthening of brand competitiveness by expanding sales of branded products, such as support for domestic and overseas marketplaces in cooperation with fashion specialty distribution platforms, brand promotion through running showroom activation programs such as fashion shows and fashion markets, and support for overseas direct entry through overseas base buyers.

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      Distributing overseas sales with SBA

      Seoul Awards Shop
      • sba seoul choice seoul awards shop sale up to 50%
      • Seoul Awards Shop 사진1

      We will help small and medium-sized enterprises to open up the market by using various overseas distribution channels and large online platform, and to increase sales and help companies to grow continuously.

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      Buy different, It’s Seoulful!!

      Seoul Award Promotion Hall
      • Seoul Award Promotion Hall 사진1
      • Seoul Award Promotion Hall 사진2

      We will support the establishment of open exhibition booth (differentiated booth design and product category DP) by utilizing Seoul brand power. We support participation in various exhibitions such as specialized exhibitions and consumer goods exhibitions by category to raise global awareness and find new overseas business lines.

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      Let's pioneer overseas markets!

      Foreign trade traders business center
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진1
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진2
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진3
      • Foreign trade traders business center 사진4

      We will cultivate traders who use foreigners to pioneer overseas sales of excellent products by linking products to companies selected in the Seoul Awards. We also support business activities at all times through comprehensive business support facilities.

      # Developing overseas distribution channels # Foreign traders # Overseas business centers # Advancing into the global market