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Maximizing synergy between Korean game contents and e-sports!

SBA contributes to promoting the e-sports industry based on the partnership with KEY Players of the industry.

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      Support for game content companies

      Seoul Game Contents Center
      • Seoul Game Contents Center 사진1

      Seoul Game Contents Center supports for game companies with excellent game and e-sports contents that intend to expand their business in various ways by allowing them to open their office in the center and helping their production and marketing activities in order to produce success cases and promote the game industry proactively.

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      Enjoy a fierce battle held in e-sports powerhouse

      Seoul e-Stadium
      • Seoul e-Stadium 사진1

      As Korea's first e-sports stadium, Seoul e-Stadium hosted biggest global e-sports events including League of Legends, Battleground, etc. and contributed to promoting the nation's e-sports industry.