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We cultivate as a world-class media & entertainment industry cluster,

helping networking between companies and providing the best business environment.

    • Corporate Support

      Planning and activating industrial base

      Planning and activating new industrial base
      • DMC G밸리 문래 종로 애니타운 성수 홍콩 창동상계 개포 양재
      • 롯데 넥센타이어 LG 이랜드 코오롱 지식산업센터예정지 공공주도행 지산+도전숙 공공산업지원시설
      • 신규 산업거점 기획 및 활성화 사진1

      In line with the demand of the Seoul Metropolitan Government 's expansion of local hubs centered on promising industries, we are proud to present the vision and role of SBA and contribute to the successful establishment of the Seoul Metropolitan City' s industrial base by establishing a corporate support and eco - system revitalization strategy.

      # Seoul Industry Base # Enterprise Support Standard Model # Activation of Industrial Ecosystem # Industrial Base Policy Committee
    • Citizen / Corporate
      DMC(Digital Media City)
      • DMC(Digital Media City) 사진1
      • DMC(Digital Media City) 사진2
      • DMC(Digital Media City) 사진3

      DMC is dominating the 21st century knowledge information-based market, which is getting more and more intensified by integrating Korea's excellent and abundant IT technology, human resources and cultural entertainment industry, which is the origin of the Korean Wave craze. We contribute greatly.

      # Digital Media City # Cultural Entertainment # Knowledge Based Business # Entertainment Clusters
    • Corporate Support
      S-plex Center
      • S-plex Center 사진1
      • S-plex Center 사진2
      • S-plex Center 사진3
      • S-plex Center 사진4

      Sangam-dong This is a public building for the purpose of fostering IT, media and contents industries in the DMC area of Sangam-dong and data-based administration in Seoul. It is composed of two synergies (S1, 17F) and Smartium (S2 and 21F)

      #E-Sports #IT Digital Media #Cultural Content
    • Corporate Support

      Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention

      • SETEC / 세텍 사진1
      • SETEC / 세텍 사진2
      • SETEC / 세텍 사진3
      • SETEC / 세텍 사진4

      SETEC, Korea's leading exhibition and convention facility, has specialized exhibition facilities, conference facilities and support systems, and provides a venue for new opportunities and opportunities for success.

      #SETEC #SETEC #SETEC Mega Shows #MEGA SHOW #A showroom

Developing as a cluster of world-class media & entertainment (M & E) industry

Helps networking between enterprises and provides the best business environment.

    • Corporate Support

      I need to get together!

      Operation of Cluster Industry Study Group
      • Operation of Cluster Industry Study Group 사진1
      • Operation of Cluster Industry Study Group 사진2

      Establishment of research partnerships involving innovative clusters of major clusters in Seoul (DMC / G Valley, etc.), support for technical and information exchange and joint research activities by each research society, participation in R & D by the government and Seoul, We are working on the cluster task finding research meeting for the purpose.

      # Clustering Task Research Group # Research Partnership # Cluster Network Activation
    • Corporate Support

      We succeed by sharing knowledge.

      Cluster networking
      • Cluster networking 사진1
      • Cluster networking 사진2
      • Cluster networking 사진3

      SBA operates periodic cluster networking events for the development of Seoul's clusters. The SBA also provides a network for participants in the cluster, as well as national and international academics, to share the cluster's current status and vision, The directions are discussed together.

      # Cluster Networking # Cluster Vision Design # Cluster Networking
    • Corporate Support

      Practical training based on developers

      Seoul IoT Workshop · Hacker Tone
      • Seoul IoT Workshop · Hacker Tone 사진1
      • Seoul IoT Workshop · Hacker Tone 사진2
      • Seoul IoT Workshop · Hacker Tone 사진3
      • Seoul IoT Workshop · Hacker Tone 사진4

      Through IoT technology, which is the center of the 4th industrial revolution, we can find superior technologies through Internet and find out cases of service in connection with proliferation of Internet of proving the Internet of objects and support commercialization and advancement into domestic and foreign markets. Things for the Internet We are creating a natural ecosystem of the industry.

      # Seoul IoT Workshop # Developer Practice Training # Things Internet # IoT Urban Troubleshooting
    • Corporate Support

      Blow ~ Innovation of green wind ~

      Supporting production of prototype industry (IoT, green) prototype
      • Supporting production of prototype industry (IoT, green) prototype 사진1
      • Supporting production of prototype industry (IoT, green) prototype 사진2
      • Supporting production of prototype industry (IoT, green) prototype 사진3
      • Supporting production of prototype industry (IoT, green) prototype 사진4

      We are working on the development and improvement of 3D modeling and prototype design for IoT / green companies, one of the strategic industries in Seoul, to help relieve the burden of producing prototypes and to secure a sales channel by enhancing product reliability.

      # Support for prototyping # Support for 3D modeling # Development of prototype design # Secure prototype
    • Corporate Support

      Catch Foreign Investors

      Overseas IR
      • Overseas IR 사진1
      • Overseas IR 사진2
      • Overseas IR 사진3
      • Overseas IR 사진4

      We provide key points and process training for successful IR pitching for small and medium-sized venture companies (excellent in technology and products) and innovative ideas (Gurogu and G Valley company preference), and provide persuasive English IR data production and configuration know-how . It also teaches pitching strategies through 1: 1 professional pitching consulting and provides networking and consulting between investors / entrepreneurs.

      # Silicon Valley IR # IR Pitching Training # IR Production # IR Expert

Through the establishment and operation of a specialized support center

Strengthening the competitiveness of the city's urban manufacturing industry and supporting the cultivation of small-scale employees.

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      Urban manufacturing, small-scale unrestrained runners!

      urban manufacturing cluster
      • urban manufacturing cluster 분포지도 - 동대문구주변106 영등포구주변 12 금천구주변17 용산구주변2 도봉구주변12
      • urban manufacturing cluster 사진1
      • urban manufacturing cluster 사진2

      It serves as a control tower for the development and support of small-city residents through the comprehensive and efficient development of comprehensive policies and strategies, cooperation networks, and small-scale employee support projects in consideration of the characteristics of each industry and region for the growth and development of small- I will.

      # Local Specialized Support Centers # Supporting Small Corporations # Urban Manufacturing # Activating Urban Manufacturing # Urban Manufacturing Reach # Sogong Inn # Sogong in Seoul # Urban Socoon # Seoul Manufacturing
    • Corporate Support

      Urban Manufacturing Re-leap !!

      Finding support policies and strategies for petty officers
      • 소공인 지원 정책·전략 발굴 사진1

      In order to establish a seamless virtuous cycle system of downtown manufacturing in Seoul, the Specialized Support Center for Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) specializes in surveying and researching SMEs in Seoul to provide information on small-scale urban residents and to develop policies and strategies for development.

      # Small Sponsor Support # Porter's Policy # Urban Lifestyle # Policy Development
    • Corporate Support

      Find hidden hidden pearls!

      The pore distribution market reclamation and expansion
      • 소공인 유통 판로 개척 및 확대 사진1

      Established retail circulation routes that are the best communication channels for small and medium-sized businesses in Seoul and strengthened brand promotion and image enhancement of small businesses. Specialized products of each regional center were organized to hold exhibitions and joint sales events I want to.

      # Small public exhibition # Co-sale # Opening sales # Brand promotion

We help business activities such as foreigner start-up and investment consulting,

business education, provision of day care center for the establishment of Business Friendlly Seoul

    • coporate support

      Business support center for foreigners

      Seoul Global Center
      • seoul Global Center
      • seoul Global Center 사진1
      • seoul Global Center 사진2
      • seoul Global Center 사진3
      • seoul Global Center 사진4

      It is a one stop business comprehensive support center for foreigners wishing to invest and start business based on Seoul. Investment and entrepreneurship consultation, entrepreneurship training, business incubation, business networking and foreigner employment support services.

      # Seoul Global Center # Foreign Direct Investment # Foreign Business Establishment # Incubation Office # Business Fair # Visit to Dongdaemun Global Center