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A platform that encompasses all products and contents envisioned and created in Seoul.

A brand made by Seoul and used by the world together! Join SEOULMADE

    • SEOULMADE Brand Introduction
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      SEOULMADE is a brand to capture the change from the manufacturing industry made by Seoul's industry to the creation created by the head. SEOULMADE is designed to protect the industrial values of the generation of baby boomers who have led the growth of Seoul and to express the industries of the millennials who are currently making Seoul.

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    • SEOULMADE Magazine
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      • SeoulMade/서울메이드 매거진 사진5
      • SeoulMade/서울메이드 매거진 사진4
      • SeoulMade/서울메이드 매거진 사진1
      • SeoulMade/서울메이드 매거진 사진3
      • SeoulMade/서울메이드 매거진 사진2

      <SEOUL MADE> Magazine looks into the ‘Scene’of the industries and lifestyles of Seoul within the framework of the values of Seoul. It encompasses various themes, ranging from fashion to beauty, construction, design, culture/art, entertainment, IT, games, tourism, food and the public sector.