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You have a good start-up item, but have you encountered a real problem?

SBA has more than 10 years of know-how in start-up to support start-up space and care services

  • Seoul Startup hub
  • Accelerating Center
  • Seoul Corporate Support Center
    • Citizen Corporate

      Step-by-step start-up success

      Seoul Startup hub
      • Seoul Startup hub 사진1

      The Seoul Start-Up Hub supports BM development and open-space start-up preparations for pre-startup companies (Pre-BI). If you are a pre-founder of a restaurant business, you can operate a kitchen incubator to help you with your experience in establishing your business.

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      • 시민기업
        Product Support Center
        • We support preliminary and early start-up companies in the production of prototypes and mass production to secure product competitiveness and to help commercialize products.
      • 시민기업
        Seoul Startup Broadcasting Station
        • We support startup marketing through various forms of corporate video production and media transmission support programs.
      • 시민기업
        Kitchen Incubator
        • For prospective entrepreneurs who wish to start a restaurant business, we will grow into a professional restaurant manager by conducting restaurant business consulting and recipe verification.
      • 시민기업
        Startup Networking
        • Through networking events that connect players from all start-up companies, we will form a cooperative system with private players and provide a place for information sharing.
    • coporate support

      Korea's best public accelerator that leads the growth of startup companies

      Accelerating Center
      • Accelerating Center 사진2

      We will discover private start-up players and promising start-ups and help them grow through various support services.

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    • coporate support

      Active handling of field-oriented corporate complaints!

      Seoul Corporate Support Center
      • Seoul Corporate Support Center 사진2

      We will discover the difficulties of SMEs in Seoul and reinforce corporate competitiveness through customized counseling support, and improve corporate satisfaction through active complaint handling centered on the company site.

      #Application for Corporate Complaint #Corporate Counseling Schedule #Enterprise Support Project # 2019 Small and Medium Venture Business Support Project