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I had a good product, but was it hard to sell it?

SBA can help you sell your products through various channels.

  • Online edition support
  • I·market·Seoul·U Citizens' Office
  • Geumcheon Fashion Support Distribution Center (440 ateliers)
    • coporate support

      Excellent products in Seoul, gather here!

      Online edition support
      • Online sales support 사진1

      We support the NAVER Smart Store sales commission and support various online platform entry. We help you to enter the Seoul Award Shop in Open Market (G Market, Auction, Interpark) and Social Commerce (Womef) and T-Commerce (K Shopping, SK Store) advertising promotion.

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      • NAVER Smart Store
        NAVER Smart Store
        • The NAVER Smart Store provides online marketing services to companies selected for the Seoul Awards for outstanding products, and offers various marketing benefits such as discounts and promotions on knowledge shopping search fees.
      • Open Market Entry Support
        Open Market Entry Support
        • We offer the opportunity to enter major domestic online platforms such as G Market, Auction, and Interpark for products selected in the Seoul Awards, and help to promote product sales through online promotional activities such as advertising and DM.
      • Kakao makers
        Kakao makers
        • After pre-ordering, we can provide product sales space using online platform through partnership with production cacao makers, and we can predict consumer's product demand in advance.
      • WeeBi Market
        WeeBi Market
        • As a mobile open market shopping mall operated by Woori Card, we provide product entry opportunities in the wee market to provide small and medium business owners in Seoul.
    • coporate support

      Field feedback through product display / sale

      I·market·Seoul·U Citizens' Office
      • I·market·Seoul·U Citizens' Office 사진1

      We open new channels for small businesses with excellent technology and merchandise but hard to find them, and offer opportunities to export through various distribution channels.

      #Offline store # I-market Seoul U
    • coporate support

      Rebirth of the sewing business!

      Geumcheon Fashion Support Distribution Center (440 ateliers)
      • Geumcheon Fashion Support Distribution Center (440 ateliers) 사진1

      Based on the experience of sewing craftsmen in Geumcheon region, we can help you increase sales and expand sales through excellent quality and reasonable price through reliable production of products.

      #Geumcheon sewing business #Sewing business #Atelier 440