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Do you have difficulties in developing overseas sales channels?

Supporting domestic small business connection, product sourcing support, and overseas market entry through overseas exhibitions.

  • Hi Seoul Showroom
  • Establishment of ASEAN Market Strategic Base
  • Seoul Awards Global Sourcing Fair
  • Foreign Trade Business Center
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      Dreaming of the revival of Seoul's fashion business

      Hi Seoul Showroom
      • Hi Seoul Showroom 사진1

      We support the growth of fashion small businesses and emerging designer brand products through domestic and overseas sales support. We support the reinforcement of Seoul's fashion brand by linking domestic and overseas sales support using fashion distribution platforms, overseas bases and buyers, and providing opportunities to participate in various events such as fashion shows and fashion markets.

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      Buy different, It’s Seoulful!!

      Establishment of ASEAN Market Strategic Base
      • Establishment of ASEAN Market Strategic Base 사진1

      We will help develop the ASEAN market that emerges as a new market by providing education / marketing strategies and promotion halls to support ASEAN market entry to companies with product awards and Seoul-based SMEs.

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      • B2B Matching Conference
        B2B Matching Conference
        • In order to revitalize the overseas market of SMEs, we support the development of overseas markets by B2B matching with major overseas platform companies.
      • Seoul Awards PR Center
        Seoul Awards PR Center
        • Leveraging Seoul brand power, we will support participation in the Seoul Awards Promotion Center. We support global exhibitions and discover new overseas customers by participating in various exhibitions.
      • Kunming Exhibition Center
        Kunming Exhibition Center
        • Through the Kunming Import and Export Merchandise Trade Association, the largest comprehensive consumer goods exhibition in western China, we help companies in Seoul to expand exports and develop stable overseas markets.
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      Pioneering overseas sales of excellent products!

      Seoul Awards Global Sourcing Fair
      • Seoul Awards Global Sourcing Fair 사진1

      In spite of its excellent products, we provide opportunities for 1: 1 business consultation with domestic and overseas buyers for small and medium-sized companies that have difficulty in selling or reinforcing brand competitiveness.

      # 1: 1 Matching Consultation # B2B Consultation
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      Let's pioneer the market abroad!

      Foreign Trade Business Center
      • Foreign Trade Business Center 사진1

      We will develop foreign traders of excellent products through product linkages for companies selected by the Seoul Awards by nurturing foreign traders. In addition, we provide comprehensive business support facilities to support your regular business activities.

      #Overseas distribution channel development #International trader #Overseas business center #Global advance
      • Trader training
        Trader training
        • We specialize in cultivating foreign traders who want to source and export domestic products, and run training courses to expand overseas sales and increase sales of SME products.
      • Professional advisory services for traders
        Professional advisory services for traders
        • From entering overseas markets to product sourcing, you can receive specialized trade consulting for each SME, such as marketing and tax / tariff, for small and medium-sized companies who have difficulty in developing overseas markets.