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Want to get good people and good jobs?

SBA will connect the core talent that a company wants and the company that a job seeker wants.

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      We recruit excellent educational contents through a shared educational platform.

      Platform school
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      We utilize SBA Academy 's shared education platform to recruit and discover curriculum that can foster problem-solving converged human resources. Centering on technology, we aim for a platform for education and people needed by companies and society.

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      We cultivate technical talents in the SW field where the demand for manpower is rapidly increasing.

      pop-up school
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      SBA Academy Supports the hiring of companies by fostering technical talents through intensive, hands-on training, focusing on the SW field, where demand for manpower is increasing due to digital transformation.

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      JWe run entrepreneurship training courses for university students in Seoul.s

      Campus CEO
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      SBA Academy
      In order to promote entrepreneurship for university students in Seoul, SBA Academy's collaborative course (pop-up school) is operated as a campus CEO education course at universities in Seoul. By fostering convergent innovative talents and connecting with startup startups and employment, we strengthen the human competitiveness of the Seoul industry and support job creation.

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