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      Talent's Employment

      Recruitment Camp
      • Recruitment Camp 사진1

      Through meetings with excellent SMEs and youth job seekers in Seoul, we provide employment mentoring benefits such as job search technology / job search method and actual employment opportunities of participating companies selected by SBA.

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    • coporate

      Infinite Growth of the Company through Talent

      Online recruitment support
      • Online recruitment support 사진1

      We can help you with job openings for startups and SMEs in Seoul. We support the recruitment of promising talents through the establishment of recruitment centers in Seoul, and online job advertisements through linkage with employment portals.

      #Seoul Corporate Recruitment Center
    • coporate/ciziten

      Job Seekers-Job Opportunities Meeting

      Job Fair
      • Job Fair 사진1

      Through cooperation with various organizations that provide job support projects, SBA introduces various recruitment support projects (such as improving SMEs' awareness) and offers job seekers and job placements with free job matching and matching opportunities.

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    • coporate/ciziten

      Travel to find my job

      Company visit
      • Company visit 사진1

      The Seoul SME Field Trip Program provides job seekers with information and jobs for companies and the right opportunity for companies to find suitable people.

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    • coporate

      Meet small and medium business personnel!

      HR TOK
      • HR TOK 사진1

      Open seminars are open to information exchange and cooperation among small and medium-sized businesses and startup personnel in Seoul.

      #HR personnel #HR trends #Networking seminar #HR TOK
    • coporate

      Heartfelt Gifts for New Employees

      New Employees Welcome Box
      • New Employees Welcome Box 사진1

      We will provide a welcome box with a variety of items to help new employees quickly adapt to new organizations for SMEs and startups in Seoul.

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