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Innovation technology development

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Do you need technology development funds to secure sustainable growth engines?

We provide support services for technology development such as new product development and technology upgrading research.

  • Seoul Innovation Challenge
  • Seoul Global Challenge
  • Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project
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      Challenges leading to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

      Seoul Innovation Challenge
      • Seoul Innovation Challenge 사진2

      We will provide R & D funding for innovative technologies in the 4th industry, provide a platform for development of AI leading companies, and provide technical support. It also provides an online and offline platform for idea fusion and team building and supports mentoring to improve ideas / BM.

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      Global R & D Challenges between Researchers

      Seoul Global Challenge
      • Seoul Global Challenge 사진1

      We support city problem solving and innovative technology development and demonstration through various global research subjects and competitive R & D challenges.

      #Seoul R & D Support Center #Seoul Global Challenge #Troubleshooting Urban Issues #Innovative Technology R & D
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      Demonstration support of product service

      Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project
      • Test-bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project 사진1

      (Old Innovation Technology Public Test Bed Providing Business) We support marketability and market development by providing demonstration opportunities for new technology services with innovative technology to support growth of technology-based SMEs and venture companies.

      #Seoul R & D Support Center #Innovative Technology #Public Test Bed #Verification Support