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We will hold an international contents market to inform the world of excellent contents of Seoul,

and help you to export foreign contents and attract investment such as exhibitions and export consultation meetings.

  • SPP Partners
  • Shinhanryu Contents Production Support
  • Seoul Partners House / Webtoon Partners
  • Seoul Game Contents Center
  • SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan)
  • Overseas Marketing Support
  • Media Contents Center
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      I'm a preliminary webtoon artist

      SPP Partners
      • SPP Partnersn 사진1

      SPP Partners is a permanent B2B networking platform operated by the SBA Contents Industry Headquarters by introducing the Asia Promotion Plan (SPP) brand, the leading content hub market in Asia. By participating in SPP Partners, content companies can strengthen their networking with VC investors and broadcasters and gain opportunities to expand their business.

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      What if the world dreams of enthusiastic Han-Ry content?

      Shinhanryu Contents Production Support
      • Shinhanryu Contents Production Support 사진1

      The content production support project supported by SBA provides an opportunity to participate in investment IR conducted by 'SPP Partners', a content-specific B2B networking platform, to create an environment that can smoothly attract external resources and produce competitively competitive content.

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      Supporting incubation between single creators and startups

      Seoul Partners House / Webtoon Partners
      • Seoul Partners House / Webtoon Partners 사진1

      We support business and networking spaces for content SMEs, startups, and individual creators at major incubating hubs in Seoul. Incubation support is a major component of the SBA Contents Industry Headquarters 'One-Stop Package' program, which provides an optimal resident space for companies and creators to focus on business development including content development, production, and marketing.

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      Exporting content is never difficult

      Seoul Game Contents Center
      • Seoul Game Contents Center 사진4

      Seoul Game Contents Center provides in-game, production, and marketing support to game startups who want to have excellent contents in the game and e-sports industry or expand their business using them.Indie Games, an indie game specialized support program Through Fast Track, we are actively contributing to the creation of successful cases and invigorating the indie game industry.

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      International Content Market where Content Sellers and Buyers Gather in One Place

      SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan)
      • SPP (Seoul Promotion Plan) 사진1

      SPP is Asia's largest Any2 webtoon content B2B market, offering a wide range of business opportunities to industry workers such as content sales and purchases, co-production, and investment attraction. It provides opportunities for investment attraction and pre-distribution network for co-production of domestic content companies through 1: 1 business matching with overseas buyers such as Asia, North America and Europe.

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      Exporting content is never difficult

      Overseas Marketing Support
      • Overseas Marketing Support 사진1

      By supporting participation in exhibitions at home and abroad, we enhance the global competitiveness of content companies, and help content companies continue to grow by encouraging the expansion of export markets and investment promotion of contents by targeting emerging markets.

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      Everything in magical visual technology is here!

      Media Contents Center
      • Media Contents Center 사진1

      Media Content Center is a post-production studio that supports post-production technical support for animation, film, broadcasting and music content. Through this, we help to expand overseas sales and sales of contents companies.

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