SBA - Seoul Business Agency

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  • CES 2024 -
    Seoul Pavilion

    Realizing Seoul's Lifestyle through Cutting-Edge Technology.

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    CES 2024 - Seoul Pavilion
  • 2023 SEOULCon

    'SEOULCon’, the first large-scale content festival with influencers, connects 50 countries, 3,000 teams, and 3 billion followers.
    2023.12.30 ~ 2024.01.01. @DDP

    2023 SEOULCon
  • Seoul Startup Hub

    The best accelerator in the public sector

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    Seoul Startup Hub
  • Seoul Awards

    Seoul's excellent products selected by SBA

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    Hi Seoul Excellent <br>Products Awards
  • Digital Media City

    The primary cluster for digital media in Korea.

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    Digital Media City

    Korea's excellent trade exhibition & convention

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  • SeSAC

    Seoul's leading IT and software education brand

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  • B the B

    Be the Beautiful in ‘B the B’
    Seoul Beauty Fashion Lounge 

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    B the B
  • SPP

    A Business-Matching Platform optimized for the Content Industry.

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We are SBA

As the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s economic promotion policy implementation agency,
it is promoting projects centered on seven policy tastks to secure future growth engines for the
seoul economy through industrial and corporate innovation in seoul.

SBA Media

Key Business of SBA


As ‘the Best accelerator in the public sector’, we foster global startups and support investment to innovate the startup ecosystem in Seoul.


We select the best products in Seoul and connect them to domestic and foreign commerce platforms through global marketers.


We support the commercialization of technology by the stage of business growth and activate the industrial base to generate synergy through collaboration between companies.


We support the content industry by supporting the content creation of one-person media and game industry and creating a cluster of content companies.


For young people in Seoul, we foster practical innovative talents who lead digital transformation by operating education necessary for SW development and digital transformation for young people in Seoul.