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Beauty & Fashion

SBA revitalizes Seoul's beauty and fashion industry, leading the charge in shaping global trends.

Outstanding Achievements

  • B the B Sales Achievements
    $22.6 million
  • B the B visitors
    760,000 people


  • BtheB
    B the B

    Seoul Beauty Fashion Lounge ‘B the B’ presents a new perspective on ‘Beauty’ beyond the beauty, from fashion, design, culture, to your inner beauty and attitude, and shows ‘Unique Beauty in Seoul’ to the world. We added biophilia concept to the space so that we can think deeply about the beauty, and enjoy an oasis-like rest with B the B’s own beauty in the stark, dry city. And discover your own beauty through the new experience ‘B the B’ offers.

  • Seoul Manufacturing Industry Hub
    Seoul Manufacturing Industry Hub

    Provide support to enhance the competitiveness of small urban manufacturers and nurturing the urban manufacturing industry in Seoul.

  • DDP Showroom

    The 'DDP SHOWROOM' is a landmark dedicated to Seoul's fashion industry. It plays a key role in rejuvenating the Dongdaemun fashion district, with a focus on the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)."

Growth Support Programs

  • Forstering the Beauty&Fashion Industy
    Forstering the Beauty&Fashion Industy
    Uncover groundbreaking beauty and fashion enterprises in Seoul and advance their presence through both online and offline channels.
  • Support Promising Beauty Tech Companies
    Support Promising Beauty Tech Companies
    Identify beauty tech companies (beauty, fashion, and lifestyle) based in Seoul, offering support for offline marketing initiatives.
  • Support for Gloabal Exapansion
    Support for Gloabal Exapansion
    Facilitate worldwide marketing efforts through online and offline channels by establishing connections with private international bases.



  • BtheB

    contact: 02-2657-0000
    Address: (04566) 143, Euljiro 7-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

  • Seoul Manufacturing Industry Hub
    Seoul Manufacturing Industry Hub

    contact: 02-2657-0000
    Address: (04798) 9, Achasan-ro 17-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


    contact: +82-2-6951-2358
    Address:  (04566) 143, Euljiro 7-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul